Soft Foam Applicator Pad

Soft Foam Applicator Pad
Brand: Meguiar's
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W-0004 Meguiar's® Soft Foam Applicator Pad

Meguiar's® Soft Foam Applicator Pad uses a tight cell, ultra soft foam for smooth application on all surfaces including leather, vinyl, and rubber.

  • Spreads product evenly
  • Ideal for use on paint, wheels and tires
  • Machine washable
5 ( 5 / 5 )
I'm quite surprised no one actually review this. I've been using Meguiar's for a long time and I first came to know the applicator pad when I bought my first NXT Tech Wax in 2006 during their KL motorshow. I've used the applicator pad and I know this sound crazy but this applicator pad is very different compared to others in the market. Don't use the harsh coarse sponge you can get from the hardware shop. Meguiar's hand applicator pad is different as its: 1. finer than most sponge in the market 2. double paded so product will not sip through to the hand 3. durable and you can actually wash it to reuse I've bought a couple from here as well as other places ever since and I used it not only for waxing but for applying tyre spray, interior spray product as well as polishing (Meguiar's Deep Crystal Polish). In my opinion, this is a great accessories for any guy who likes car care..whether you use Meguiar's or not, a good applicator pad is a good applicator pad. nuff said,.

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W-0004 Meguiar's® Soft Foam Applicator Pad Meguiar's® Soft Foam Applicator Pad uses a tight cell,..
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